CBRN Coverall Standard

The EUROLITE® CBRN Coverall Standard is manufactured with or without integrated gloves and shoes. If the Coverall is manufactured without integrated gloves and shoes, a splashguard – system is used to provide optimal safety for the use of external CBR gloves and boots. Putting on the coverall is from the front side. The coverall has a chest pocket and reinforced knees to allow kneeling and crawling positions without damaging the coverall.

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  • Low Cost one piece construction in multiple colours
  • Integrated hood, gloves, and overshoes
  • Already in Service and Proven technology and design
  • Quickly put on over existing clothing including shoes
  • Exceptional strength and protection in a lightweight barrier fabric
  • Meets ASTM and NFPA requiremtns
  • Meets NATO requirements
  • Long shelf life