About Us

GOETZLOFF at a Glance

EUROLITE® is the trademark forMILITARYCIVIL DEFENSEINDUSTRIALhigh quality protective clothing.

GOETZLOFF GmbH is a producer of CBRN protection equipment, which is sold globally under our registered trademark EUROLITE®. We have more than 40 years CBRN protection experience which is redundantly updated through R & D partnerships with MoDs and other government departments and through participating in international NBC symposiums & shows. Our customers can be found around the world and mainly belong to military & international peace keeping forces, as well as first responder organisations and anti-terror units.

GOETZLOFF GmbH is a world wide supplier of EUROLITE® CBRN Protection Equipment. Within our CBRN division we have a military and a civil subdivision.

As a classic niche supplier we understand our core business in the way to come up with products for special demands and special actions in a potential CBRN environment.

We accomplish those demands by having an in-depth CBRN knowledge, a specialist R & D network and state-of-the-art production facilities.

Health vs. wealth
Profitability and financial stability serve as a basis for growth, business development and the feasibility of all other shared values

Quality vs. duty
It is our duty that our customers can rely on our products. We protect their lifes. A permanent and consistent quality management enables us to come up to our customers expectations.

Longterm business relationships vs. understanding customers
We are aiming to come up with solutions that make actions of our customers possible. Thus we need to understand our customers. Trusting in longterm business relationships is what generates benefits for both the customer and the producer. Lots of our customer relationships date back to 1975 – the year of our foundation.

Employees vs. Success
As a family owned and run company our principle is to have family values settled over the company. We respect our employees, expect from our employees and support them – both in business and private matters. With our employees we are able to give the best for those who need the best.

Stakeholders vs. Responsibility 
We are aware to take responsibility for our customers, employees, suppliers and the society. Our commitment to responsibility goes beyond of protecting the environment and improving the welfare of our employees. We support youth organisations, and participate in international development & reconstruction projects e.g. Afghanistan.

Our History