CBRN Coveralls, one piece suits

  • CBRN Coverall Standard

    The EUROLITE® CBRN Coverall Standard is manufactured with or without integrated gloves and shoes. If the Coverall is manufactured without integrated gloves and shoes, a splashguard – system is used to provide optimal safety for the use of external CBR gloves and boots. Putting on the coverall is from the front side. The coverall has a chest pocket and reinforced knees to allow kneeling and crawling positions without damaging the coverall.

  • CBRN Fully Encapsulated Suit

    The EUROLITE® CBRN FES is constructed as fully encapsulated one-piece suit with a large visor, integrated gloves and integrated robust soles (IRS). The FES is rear entered. For a good fit special Velcro tapes are used around the arms and the lower legs. The EUROLITE® CBRN FES works with positive pressure. The blower unit is carried comfortably in an internal rucksack within the FES. One the rear out side of the FES, two filters are attached to the universally accepted RD 40 threads. The blower distributes the filtered air via distribution hoses inside the FES. To prevent overpressure, relief-valves are incorporated in the FES design.