CBRN – Casualty Bag

CBRN – Casualty Bag


The EUROLITE ® CBRN-Casualty bag is specifically designed for transportation of casualties through contaminated areas or contaminated personnel trough clear areas. This bag protects the whole body when the full CBRN outfit and respirator are not worn.

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Equipment (individual)

  • unisize – fits to NATO stretchers
  • high-tech CBRN barrier film
  • RD 40 and RD1 threads for blowing unit
  • totally transparent top
  • modifications according to customers
  • shelf-life of 15 years
  • 4 carrying handles
  • 2 pass throughs (IV, oxygens, etc.)
  • 6 gloves for medical treatment
  • 1 transparent envelope
  • protection against CBRN agents (nuclear, biological, chemical)
  • less volume - less weight
  • quickest applicability and highest security
  • produced in standard size
  • possibility to leave important notes for further treatment in an envelope attached on below of the transparent window
  • medical treatment during transport
  • observation of patient during transport - totally transparent top
  • protects ambulance man, medics the patient and its environment against contamination
  • negative pressure system