EUROLITE ® CBRN Suit is manufactured with integrated gloves and shoes. The integrated shoes are called IRS (integrated robust soles) and are out of a strong and robust black sole.
Optional the suit can be equipped with a chest pocket and reinforced knees to allow kneeling positions without damaging the coverall. Further the suits can also be produced without integrated gloves and shoes. In case of manufacturing the suit without integrated gloves and shoes a splashguard – system is used to provide optimal safety for the use of external CBRN gloves and boots.

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  • Inexpensive two piece construction in multiple colors
  • Integrated hood, gloves, and overshoes
  • Already in Service and Proven technology and design
  • Quickly donned over existing clothing including shoes
  • Exceptional strength and protection in a lightweight barrier fabric
  • Meets ASTM and NFPA requiremtns
  • Meets NATO requirements
  • Long shelf life